HL Development Services Group, LLC


HL Development Services Group, LLC focuses on providing the leadership for developing special places that yield a redeeming value to the community. As defined by the Urban Land Institute "Place Making is all about community building, about creating special places that the community values and rewards with repeat visitation, pride of ownership and a sense of belonging." At HL Development Services Group, LLC, we pay special attention to ten principles developed by the ULI.

  1. Understand Your Position in the Market
  2. Build Community Support - Public/Private
  3. Develop a Vision and a Plan
  4. Stress Results over Regulation
  5. Optimize Connectivity
  6. Embrace Mixed Uses
  7. Honor the Human Scale - Create a Pedestrian Friendly Place
  8. Think Transit - Think Density
  9. Create a Public/Private Partnership
  10. Share and Manage Parking

At HL Development Services Group, LLC we take a holistic, longer-term approach to development. Our team truly provides a unique level of integrity, experience, and leadership in developing districts and places that have redeeming value to their users and the community at large.